Amazing bike

Have riden this bike to and from work for about a year and a half. It’s absolutely super. I like the good brakes and mud guards. It has a late to work mode which is pretty fast and other slower options which extend the battery life. I’m a fan of the modes which match pedal effort and motor help, as there are fewer lurches than the modes which simply cut out at a certain speed. To my mind the throttle is an essential safety feature as are the mains powered lights. (I do sometimes forget to charge my usb variants.) There are some downsides I’d warn you about. The frame fits most adults but is too small for my 2m partner. The rear light seems a bit wimpy- but it does exist and I generally augment with a flashing version. The top gear could be higher for cruising at top speed- but then who wants to fall off at 40km/hr?

Overall for the price it’s amazing and I wonder exactly what the bikes 2x 3x the price are providing. I am sure it’s not twice the experience.