Our Electric Bike Range

Our range for 2022

Our full range at a glance - we offer different electric bikes for all kind of customer demands. Our City and Trekking range features bikes with solid components from well known suppliers (i.e. Suntour and Shimano). They are build for New Zealand, but without the expensive bells and whistles like many other high-end brands. They are easy to ride and maintenance doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

The Off-Road ebike range offers components in higher specifications for the more advanced riders.

If you compare the specifications of our electric bikes with other brands you will quickly notice that our models are priced very competitive. We found that especially in these demanding times some brands seem to try to rip off customers by bluntly overcharging for very basic bikes. If you have any questions about certain specifications and what are the differences are to other brands then please give us a ring on 022 675 2699 - we will give you a honest answer to what you actually get.

City & Trekking Range

TUI - Step Through E-Bike

Our Best-Seller. Versatile and easy to ride. For all generations. To commute or to go on your favourite rail-trail. Fun for young and old. The low step-through frame allows a safe and convenient start or stop of your ride. Robust and durable components with low maintenance.

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TUI-plus - Step Through E-Bike

The TUI+ is adding some nice features to our best-seller the TUI. It comes with hydraulic brakes and a torque sensor. For all riders who are looking for a even better riding experience.

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FALCON-plus - City and Trekking E-Bike

Our new Falcon+

With hydraulic brakes and torque sensor. Just feel the difference - you choose.

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ROBIN+ - Folding E-Bike

Upgraded! Our little one – small but fast! Easy to fold within a few seconds. Carry your E-Bike in your boot and go for a ride. A unique frame and powerful motor makes it a breeze to ride this bike. Now with Smart-Ride technology.

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TUI mid-drive (coming December 2022)

Our best seller, the TUI™, is getting even better - coming now with a powerful mid-drive motor, smooth changing 9-speed gears supported by a gear-change sensor. Get on and off without any problems thanks to the remote controlled dropper seat post. The TUI-mid sets a new bar in the mid-drive ebike league.

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KEA step-through mid-drive ebike

May we introduce: The KEA low-step-through ebike - as we know from our Keas in the South Island, they are very strong, curious and intelligent. The same applies to our new family member.

Curious as well?

infinity - Electric Mountain Bike

The infinity stands for endless riding fun and versatility. Build with the finest components it will carry you over the rough surface but does also serve well on the road. With Air-Suspension, wide 2.6" tires, grunty hydraulic brakes and a well-adjusted torque-sensor controlled motor it is a breeze to ride those rail-trails.

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infinity mid-drive - Electric Mountain Bike

The infinity offers with a hub motor already a lot of riding fun - now we have added to the same proven frame geometry and high-end components a mid-drive motor.

This allows much more demanding tracks to be conquered.

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