EVINCI ebikes are coming with a comprehensive warranty. Warranty terms are valid at the day of purchase and may be adjusted over course of time.

For ebikes purchased before 1 July 2020 the following warranty terms are valid:

  • Warranty on batteries and motors: 2 years
  • Warranty on frames: 5 years
  • Warranty on all other parts and accessories: 12 months

For ebikes purchased from 1 July 2020 on the following warranty terms are valid:

  • Warranty on all parts and accessories: 2 years
  • Warranty on frames: 6 years

For commercial usage the warranty on all parts is limited to 6 months.

Warranty terms and conditions:

Wear and tear excluded. Wear and tear items include and are not limited to: brake pads, brake shoes, tires, handle grips, pedals plus any other items considered as “wear and tear attributing”. Warranty can be also denied when a lack of service has caused a fault, the customer has to provide a proof of service. Excluded from warranty are all damages caused by accident, drops or other external influences (i.e. damaged chargers or batteries due to lightning).

A compulsory (and in most cases free) run-in service must be done by the dealer where the e-bike had been bought within 3 months or 400km after purchase. This service ensures that no long term damage happens due to wrong adjustments or loose parts. Failing to provide proof of this service may void the warranty.

Warranty fulfillment is usually done by the dealer where the ebike has been purchased. This includes parts and labour. If the customer wants to have their ebike repaired by another EVINCI dealer they must first contact EVINCI to transfer the warranty work. If the customer chooses a bike shop, which is not an EVINCI dealer, EVINCI will provide parts for free, but the customer will have to pay for labour.