We are carefully selecting the perfect motor matching the purpose of our bikes.

For our base models Tui, Falcon and Robin we have chosen a 5:1 geared hub motor from the same company which has previously supplied our famous direct drive motor.


DGWX2 - High-speed brush less hub motor

Solid, practical construction. Using a high-speed motor with a planetary gear with a 5:1 ratio allows you to improve the torque at lower speeds while the motor can be smaller and lighter. This motor uses a clutch, which relieves friction caused by the gears, so when you are pedaling or freewheeling, there is no resistance. When riding, it is nice and smooth, with a good torque and it weights just 3kg. Efficiency rating is >80%. Popular and reliable solution. The internal gears are very solid and can be replaced in case of any damages. This allows a very efficient and low-cost maintenance operation.