How long does the battery last?

The lifetime of a lithium battery is around 5-6 years. The battery can expire in two different ways: one, it looses its capacity, meaning you will slowly get less and less mileage out of it on each charge. The other potential destruction of battery life comes by failure of one of the cells. It also depends on battery maintenance. It is true that a lithium battery is almost bulletproof, but the life expectancy can still be extended by some maintenance, especially if it is not used for a long period of time.

Which electric bike is the best?

Rear or front wheel drive? Watch this video...

More serious accidents caused by front wheel drive read the article here...

There is no bike that is universally the best electric bike. However, we have tested the available models in NZ, and modified some specifications in order to best suit the NZ landscape, the needs of our population in terms of budget and government regulations.
We mainly focus on providing a comfortable product at a competitive price, which is value for your money in terms of being both long lasting and low maintenance. However, we also haven't forgotten to bring some models with extra performance or components to upgrade for long distances, or even to include models for kids.
Some technical advantages or solutions are offered by other brands for a sometimes noticeably higher cost. It may be an interesting technical solution, but for most of people in everyday use, it is just an extra cost and maintenance.

Are Evinci electric bikes good quality even if they are noticeable cheaper than others?

The reliability of Evinci electric bikes including all its components is verified by millions of bike users around the world .

The components that we use have been carefully chosen and are the most commonly used parts. The parts are durable and performance proven and well priced.

How about service and parts?

We stock all spare parts and we do all warranty work, as well as provide a post-warranty service and upgrade service, either direct or through our retail service network.

Is it water proof?

Electric bikes are designed for all-weather use, including in rain. However, electric bikes are not waterproof, means it should not be submerged in water. Also, it is not recommended to use high pressure cleaning equipment when washing.
LCD displays can fog up especially if the bike has been used in rain or in Winter when there are big jumps of temperatures.

Will an electric bike recharge while pedaling or braking?

No. Although we could use a direct drive motor in retarding mode it will only return about a 10% charge and in most cases the brake forces are actually too high and would slow down the bike more than the rider actually wants too. This is different to an electric car which has a much higher moving mass.

Are electric bikes safe to operate?

36V is deemed as safe voltage and it will not injure anyone.

What maintenance is involved?

The only maintenance of electrical components involved is recharging the battery. Evinci ebikes are using the most up to date brush less hub drive motors. There is no wear or tear to those motors so the service is basically the same as for ordinary push bikes. Otherwise else the most important maintenance point is to keep the tire pressure correct. Riding your E-Bike with too low tire pressure will result in remarkable less range.

How far can I go on a single charge?

The distance achieved depends on many factors: weight, speed, wind, the surface of the road, elevation and your personal grade of fitness. Our figures are on average. It should get you 30km in most of cases on full electric power, simultaneously pedaling will achieve 60-75 km (16Ah battery).

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    E-bike displays are designed to withstand rain or wash-downs. If the display is not damaged, no water should get in. But no display is 100% waterproof or airtight. Cable openings and USB charging ports are places where air or water can still get into a display. Therefore, never point a hose directly at the display, […]