Evinci Tui Plus Ebike

I am in love with my Tui Ebike! The design has been very well thought out, as has the power – it has pedal assist and throttle.

Being able to step through the bike and get on and off with ease has made a big change to me being able to safely operate the bike. I do not fear stopping and having the bike fall onto me anymore.

Riding is a breeze and the battery lasts a long time.

The colour is pretty fabulous in lime green. It is easy to spot at a crowded cafe bike rack.

Having a removable battery is a big bonus as I do not have to get the bike inside or near a power source. I can just charge the battery inside and lock my bike away in the shed and then relax without having to worry about moving my bike back out to the shed once it has charged.

The position of the handlebars make for an enjoyable ride as my shoulders do not hunch over as they did on my previous bike. I have great line of sight for oncoming bikes, cars, pedestrians and dogs. The seat is very comfortable too.

It is combination of many great features that have come together to make an all round superb bike.

If you get a chance to test ride or hire the Evinci Tui+ like I did, hopefully you will fall in love with the bike too, I surely did!