I have had the bike for 10 days and have given it a good trial covering 175 km to date. I have trialled it with very strong headwinds and going up a semi steep slope at the same time and it was no problem in any way whatsoever. I do not know how far I can go on one charge but to date I have covered 35 km and it appeared as half used which I guess translates to around 70 km on one charge using the low drawing amps setting.Very sturdy construction indeed. I had been looking for an eBike for around four years but found it too expensive until I spotted VOLTO eBikes website. Pricewise it was too good to be true. I contacted Mark and I could not have had a more informative email than what he sent me. All my queries answered with no ambiguous answers. Very helpful indeed and endless patience with me as I contacted him about various things and he responded immediately. I recommend anyone to talk to Mark and you will realize that a Volto may be the eBike for you.