New EvinciTui mid-drive, low step through.

Shane and CK at “Ebikes & Mobility” Paraparaumu were very helpful with our 101 questions about e-bikes! We had been looking on and off for about a year now and finally decided on two “Evinci Tui Mid Drive and low step through bikes”.

We went for a test ride and I was highly impressed on how the bike just flowed. I was in gear 7 and with power battery 1 and honestly it felt like I was only in gear 2! It was just so easy.  The throttle extra is great and for me a safety feature to take of at the `lights’ more easily, a nice little boost. I’m 63 and husband 67 and we both found them a great bike to ride. Having suspension in the seat and front and back fork certainly makes a difference, and the seat is comfortable for a ‘woman’ (if you know what I mean, as some are too skinny!!)

Over and out

Marie and Gavin (at home and still loving them)