4,000km and counting

I purchased my Volto electric bike second-hand about 10 months ago. In that time, I have covered about 4,000km on it with my daily commute.

I previously travelled to work by car or train. My commute includes a 200m climb. The electric bike takes the pain out of this to the point where I can bike every day. It is only the worst weather that stops me from riding.

Commuting on an electric bike has been the most reliable form of transport. I know how long it going to take me to get to work with no worries about traffic.

On the couple of occasions when my bike has needed repairs, Mark has been very helpful with sending parts.

I am just about to upgrade my direct drive rear hub motor to a geared hub motor. This should give me slightly better hill climbing ability and will be lighter in weight. It’s great that Mark provides an upgrade path at a reasonable price.

I would recommend Volto if you are after a good value electric bike with excellent after sales service.

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