3 level torque and 5 level PAS control

There are in total 8 assist levels on the display. These are divided into the two different ridding modes: torque and pedal-assist.

Levels 1..3: torque based support, Level 1 = ECO, Level 2 = Trail, Level 3 = Power

Each level supplies, depending on how much the rider pushes into the pedals, a certain amount of power:

torque = the force the rider pushes into the pedals. I.e. in Level 1 it starts soft, when the rider pushes harder (>40Nm) more power gets applied, but only up to 50% of the 300W the motor can output. While in Level 2 the torque range is a bit smaller, to apply up to 90% of motor power and in level 3 the rider can get 100% motor power with even less effort.

There is no speed cut out on the torque levels.

Levels 4..8: pedal-assist (cadence) mode levels:

In pedal-assist the motor starts as soon as the rider moves the crank in riding direction. The motor will support up to the defined maximum speed. If the rider is faster than this speed setting the motor will turn off (speed cut out).

  • Level 4: 15% motor power, max speed ~ 12km/h
  • Level 5: 25% motor power, max speed ~ 18km/h
  • Level 6: 40% motor power, max speed ~ 25km/h
  • Level 7: 70% motor power, max speed ~ 32km/h
  • Level 8: 100% motor power, max speed ~ 38km/h

Conclusion: levels 1..3 and levels 4..8 are completely different riding modes and should not be mixed up. When riding in level 3 and changing over to level 4 will mean that usually no motor power can be sensed since those two levels are very different in their power and speed settings.