With SmartRide we have introduced the best out of all options in how to operate an electric bicycle.

Traditional ebikes just use a pedal sensor to engage the motor, this works fine for many riders but does cause surges of the motor in higher levels. The next generation uses a torque sensor to measure the force the rider is putting into the pedaling. This makes the riding experience smoother and more natural as it removes those surges when one is starting to pedal. While most mid-drive ebikes only support torque sensor motor control we have combined all riding mode into the SmartRide technology:

  • Pedal-Assist (Cadence mode)
  • Torque Sensor control
  • Throttle power (add-on and exclusive)

This means the rider can choose out of all above riding modes which one is the best for the track or condition she or he wants to ride. For example it can be very useful to start of in Torque mode but later on the rider might feel too much pressure on their knee joints and changes over to Pedal assist to ease the strain.

Since our throttle is always active, even when the assistance is set to 0, the rider can use our ebikes like a normal push bike and just uses the throttle to boost when required.