There are in total 8 assist levels on the display. These are divided into the two different ridding modes: torque and pedal-assist (also called cadence mode). Levels 1..3: torque based support, Level 1 = ECO, Level 2 = Trail, Level 3 = Power Each level supplies, depending on how much […]

3 level torque and 5 level PAS (cadence) control

This is Volto’s best-selling and most popular bicycle motor. There are no mechanical parts to worry about breaking or needing to replace. The direct-drive, brush less rear hub motor is perfect for everyday use extremely reliable and affordable. There is no regular maintenance required for this motor, and it boasts […]

direct drive

Your frame serial number is stamped into a certain place in the frame. Unfortunately the position can change between models and production batches. Frame numbers starts either with “YPK…” or just “S…” (Infinity). All other number you might find on the bikes are NO frame numbers. Please check the following […]

Frame Number

Especially for mid-drive powered ebikes it is very important to be aware about the forces on the chain when changing gears. While on a traditional mountain bike experienced riders are well aware how to reduce for a split second the load on the pedals to allow a smooth and almost […]

gear change sensor

Complying with RoHS, CPSIA and REACH regulations (free of hexavalent chromium and other toxic materials), the EPT treatment technology improves the chain protection by completely coating all the components to form a comprehensive and durable anti-corrosion surface. Its anti-rust capability is superior to other anti-rust chains<span class=”entity”>&amp;rsquo;</span> performance by 30%. […]


Important safety feature. We recommend for all everyday commuting and trail E-Bikes a safety motor-cut at the brake levers. This prevents from accidentally starting the motor while getting on or off the bike. Especially with E-Bikes having a throttle like a motor bike. As soon as the rider pulls slightly […]

motor cut-out

PAS stands for Pedal Assist or Cadence mode and is a method that provides power only when you are pedaling. It does not sense how much you push into the pedals. A lot of pedal assist bikes have different levels of assistance, for example: low, medium, or high assist. Our […]


With SmartRide we have introduced the best out of all options in how to operate an electric bicycle. Traditional ebikes just use a pedal sensor to engage the motor, this works fine for many riders but does cause surges of the motor in higher levels. The next generation uses a […]


Stain less steel is rust resistant, but not 100% rust proof. Due to the mix of materials, often optimized for high strength, like safety relevant screws for the handlebar or stem, these parts will not be rust proof against sea water. There are a different types of stainless steel on […]

Stainless Steel

An electric bike with torque sensor provides a more natural riding experience. The sensor measures the pressure on the pedals and adds according to the selected assistance level power through the motor. This provides a more reactive riding experience. It is from benefit especially for off-road cycling as it allows […]

torque sensor